Serzh Sarkisian has poor notion of Armenian economy


[07:31 pm] 25 July, 2008

Armenia’s ex Prime Minister Hrant Bagratian thinks that the Armenian
budget should have exceeded as the price of diesel has gone up by 48%
over the past year.

The official statistics shows that the price of diesel exceeds that of
benzene though the tax on diesel mounts to 32000 drams per a ton and
that of benzene to 112000 drams.

The former premier says the authorities should allow everyone to
import diesel and benzene. Today only `Mika’ and `Flesh’ enjoy the
monopoly of importing fuel to Armenia.

Hrant Bagratian thinks that the figures that over 171.000-ton benzene
is imported to Armenia are distorted. In 1996 237.000-ton benzene was
imported to Armenia. On the other hand, today the number of cars has
tripled in the country.

The survey of the World Bank shows that only 15 % of cars run on gas
in Armenia while the Ministry of Finance refutes the data. `I daresay
that 500-550 000 ton benzene enters Armenia today,’ stated Bagratian.

The former PM referred to the state of agriculture as well. `I think
neither Serzh Sarkissian nor Robert Kocharian have a clear notion of
Armenia’s economy.’

Bagratian is going to inform people of speak about the present state
of the Armenian economy during an August 1 rally.