According To Hmayak Hovhannisian, Cause Of Failure Of Authorities-Op



JU LY 24

The main obstacle of dialogue between the authorities and the
opposition is the disservice done by former President Robert
Kocharian to the current Armenian President. Stating this at the
July 24 press conference, Hmayak Hovhannisian, the Chairman of the
Union of Political Scientists of Armenia, said that Robert Kocharian
did disservice to current President Serzh Sargsyan by opening a fire
at peaceful demonstrants on March 1 and with his further actions, by
emphasizing his patronage over the latter with these actions. While,
according to H.

Hovhannisian, as a President, whose tenure was expiring, R. Kocharian
should have assumed the role of a judge between political forces and
followed elections’ being held freely and fairly, by ensuring home
political stability with that.

According to H. Hovhannisian, for the disservice done to S. Sargsyan R.

Kocharian thrusted his cadre package and a number of other commitments
upon him. In general, the political scientist affirmed that the
second Armenian President is not at all going to take a "time-out"
even if for a few years.

Leaving big policy for some time, according to H. Hovhannisian, is
peculiar of great politicians, such as, for instance, Karen Demirchian
or first President Levon Ter-Petrosian. "And R. Kocharian after leaving
President’s post through telephone talks sends messages to S. Sargsyan
that "inviting Gul to Armenia is wrong, L. Ter-Petrosian should be
arrested and opposition should be suppressed with an iron hand."

According to the Chairman of the Union of Political Scientists,
there can be several reasons for R. Kocharian’s not being able to
leave the political sphere. According to H. Hovhannisian, either
the former President feels himself guilty for the March 1 slaughter
or is afraid of the sad perspective of standing before Hague Court,
or maybe he very much wishes to become a Prime Minister.