Statement Of The Union Of Armenians In Russia


AZG Armenian Daily


The board of the Union of Armenians in Russia (UAR) held its meeting
under the chairmanship of Ara Abrahamian. The latter highly qualified
the call of the Armenian President to the whole nation.

The participants of the meeting expressed their gratification to the
political course of the Armenian President in the strengthening of
Armenia-Diaspora relations.

The UAR board also mentioned with gratification about the formation
of the Ministry of Diaspora in Armenia and the news on the appointment
of Hranush Hakobian to that post.

It was mentioned that from the beginning of its foundation the UAR
has invested a great deal of effort in the development of Armenian
economy and involvement of many investments, and support in the
spheres of science, education and creative unions.

Responding to the call of the RA President Ara Abrahamian proposed
addressing an appeal to the Armenian businessmen and manufacturers
to make investments in the Armenian economy.

The board of the UAR made a decision to send a letter to the UAR
regional branches in order the latter could establish relations with
the Armenian provinces for implementation of concrete programs there.

UAR President Ara Abrahamian announced that he will personally
continue to make investments in the economy of Armenia and for the
implementation of the programs he is going to invest an additional
150 mln USD.

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