Armenia-CSTO Cooperation To Be Enchanced


AZG Armenian Daily


Armenian President Serge Sarkisian received on July 21 CSTO Secretary
General Nikolay Bordyuzha (Russia). At the regular session of the
Council of CSTO, which is to take place in September, Armenia will
assume the chairmanship in the Organization.

Presidential press service informs that during the meeting the
officials discussed the priorities in development of the CSTO, the
issues the organization is facing and the ways of their solution.

They also referred to the work of the legislative bodies of CSTO and
noted that soon the sessions of the CSTO Defense Ministers’ council
and Security Secretaries’ Council will be held in Armenia. They also
spoke about "Rubezh 2008" military exercises that kicked of the next
day, July 22, in Armenia.

On July 22 the Secretary General of the CSTO Nikolay Bordyuzha
was received by Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Torosian

The Parliamentary press center informs that the main topic of
the meeting were the "Rubezh 2008" military exercises held in
Armenia. There are also many other issues to discuss related with the
work of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly, and boosting the cooperation
within the frameworks of CSTO.

Mr. Torosian underscored the activity of the CSTO Parliamentary
Assembly, referring to the opportunities of developing the basic
ideas and principles, finding newer and more immediate ways of
cooperation. The National Assembly speaker also noted that Armenia’s
parliament has already ratified all the agreements referring CSTO
cooperation and is ready for boosting the partnership within the
frameworks of the organization.

Nikolay Bordiuzha Emphasized the military exercises conducted in
Armenia. Referring to the activites of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly,
he underscored the deepening of cooperation. He noted that an effective
way of realizing that ideat is to hold regular meetings of the speakers
of parliaments of the member countries, as well as having meetings of
the parliamentary delegations in different international institutions.

Tigran Torosian welcomed the direct steps aimed at increasing the
efficiency of the activity of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly and
expressed readiness to support their implementation. According to
his assessment, CSTO is not an organization of collective war but
of collective peace and everything possible must be done enhance the
cooperation and the maintenance of peace in the region.

The National Assembly speaker added that "Rubezh 2008" military
exercises are qualitatively new step and open new prospects of