ANTELIAS: 2nd Pan-Diaspora Conf. on Armenian Education Continues

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The second pan-diasporan education conference organized under the auspices
of His Holiness Aram I continued its sessions on July 17, featuring heated
discussions on issues related to the Armenian Language, History and

Vahe Ghazarian chaired the first session, during which representatives of
the Catholicosate of Cilicia’s Dioceses spoke about activities at the local
level and the teaching of these three subjects in their respective

The participants in the conference discussed and debated these presentations
during the second session chaired by Anahit Nersisian. The discussions were
enriching particularly with regard to the exchange of viewpoints and the
recounting of individual experiences. The third session focused in depth on
the imperative of re-organizing the teaching of the Armenian Language,
touching on such issues as textbooks, structure of classes and methodology.
Jirayr Tanyelian chaired the session, which featured presentations by Clara
Aghakhanian, Keghani Etyemezian and Bebo Simonian.

Garo Hovhannessian chaired the following session, which discussed the
presentations made previously. The discussions featured not only comments
but also proposals and collective efforts for arriving at solutions to the
problems presented. The preparation of good textbooks and adequate teachers
was considered more important than methodology and a common pan- diasporan
approach to these issues was considered essential.

The fifth session chaired by Armine Vahramian looked at re-organizing the
teaching of Armenian history. The presenters included Ani Fishenkdjian,
Zaven Meserlian and Vicken Avakian. The participants stressed the need to
pass beyond textbook teaching to convey the spirit of Armenian History and
the significance of the high points in the nation’s
contemporary history with a special focus on the Armenian Genocide. The
sixth session discussed the same topic under the chairmanship of Houry

The last two sessions of the second day were dedicated to the teaching of
religion and they were chaired by Jirayr Reyisian and Bishop Shahe Panossian
respectively. Presentations were made by V. Rev. Krikor Chiftjian, Father
Mesrob Kerkezian and Violet Haroutyounian.

The discussions of this topic stressed the important role of the church and
the imperative for preparing an effective manpower towards this goal. The
participants also emphasized the need for a professional approach to the
teaching of this topic, which will contribute to the formation of the future
Armenian generations.
The conference will conclude its session on July 19.


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