Turkish School Teacher Dismissed For Condemning Dink Murder


16.07.2008 17:34 GMT+04:00

When referring to the Hrant Dink murder, Turkish high school teacher
Aysel Kilic said in class that no one should be killed for their
thoughts and was exiled to Trabzon for that remark, Sabah daily

When one of the students said in class that he is happy that Hrant
Dink died, Kilic replied, "Killing someone for his or her thoughts
is not right."

The students related this to their parents and one of them applied
to the Selcuk District Administration, Education Ministry, and Izmir
Governor’s Office with the claim that Kilic said Turks have committed
crimes against Armenians, that she humiliated Turks because of the
Dink murder, that she said the living conditions of Abdullah Ocalan
were bad, that she claimed Fehriye Erdal, who killed businessman
Ozdemir Sabanci, was not a murderer, and that she gave low grades to
students that opposed her views.

Two inspectors commissioned by the ministry found the teacher guilty
and a criminal case was filed against her.

Meanwhile Kilic was appointed to a high school in Trabzon. Kilic has
applied for a stay in proceedings and approached the Selcuk Public
Prosecutor’s Office with a brief saying that the accusations are false.