Georgia’s Joining NATO To Cause Geopolitica


16.07.2008 16:13 GMT+04:00

Georgia’s joining NATO will cause geopolitical division, with further
split of Georgia and the entire region, a Russian expert said.

"It is well known that neither Abkhazia nor South Ossetia intends to
join NATO and, what is more, Mikheil Saakashvili is not going to seek
their consent," Mikhail Alexandrov, head of the Caucasus department
at Moscow’s Institute for Commonwealth of Independent States, told
a news conference in Yerevan.

"It’s premature to speak of Russia’s recognition of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia’s independence. As to the other unrecognized republics,
namely Nagorno Karabakh and Transnistria, I think Armenia should be
the first to recognize Karabakh. Although, reaction of Azerbaijan
and international community should be taken into account," he said.

The expert did not rule out that Georgia’s President can plunge
into a military adventure. Comparing Georgia to Germany in 1939,
Alexandrov said, "No one believed that Hitler will attack the Soviet
Union but it happened. Actually, subversive-terrorist war against
Russian peacekeepers is going on in South Ossetia and its consequences
are unpredictable."