"We Are To Punish Our Criminals"


15 July, 2008

"I prefer that we punish our criminals ourselves, but sometimes people
have to turn to international courts as they do not find justice in
our country," declared Stepan Demirchian, Chairman of the People’s
Party, in reply to the intention of the All Armenian Movement to
bring Robert Kocharian before the Court of Hague.

"We have not discussed the issue in our party as it is more a public
decision. I desire that people answer for what they have done, and
that criminals are punished," concluded Chairman of the People’s Party.

Demirchian has no expectations from the ad hoc commission investigating
the 1 March events, as, according to him, the commission does not
enjoy people’s confidence and neither does the National Assembly.

According to Stepan Demirchian the only way out of the crisis is
holding free and democratic elections. Today Armenia faces dangerous
challenges and in order to meet them Armenia must have a stable
political background.

Demirchian is sure we are facing a difficult social, economic, moral
and political situation in Armenia and the Government’s attempts to
control the situation are not enough. The politician cannot spot any
improvements with the appointment of the new Prime-Minister and his
policy. "We cannot observe any improvements; the oligarchic system
is still running," states Demirchian.

Concerning Russia’s statement that it encourages Azerbaijan’s
territorial integrity Stepan Demirchian reminded that besides Russia
many other countries have encouraged Azerbaijan’s territorial
integrity. And though Russia is Armenia’s ally, it has its own
interests and can be in friendly relations with different countries,
including Azerbaijan.