Thomas Hammarberg About Law In Armenia


15 July, 2008

More images Today RA Speaker of the National Assembly Tigran Torossian
received CoE Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg.

The meeting also hosted Special Representative of EC General Secretary
Boyana Urumova and Swede expert Yohan Hirshfeldt.

Greeting the guests Speaker Tigran Torossian introduced what had
been done, attaching importance to bringing the "Law on holding
meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations" into line with European
standards. He noted that Armenia is resolute to fully investigate
the events of March 1 and punish the guilty.

In his turn Mr. Hammarberg noted that PACE appreciates the changes
made in cooperation with the EC Venice Committee. According to him
the opposition leaders more complain of the way laws are interpreted
rather than of laws themselves. Mr. Hammerberg also attached great
importance to the impartial and reliable activity of the NA ad
hoc commission investigating the 1 March events. The Human Rights
Commissioner was especially concerned about the fact that opposition
does not participate in the investigation process; moreover they
are eager to form their own commission that would investigate the
post-election developments.

In this respect Tigran Torossian noticed that the opposition is
reluctant to cooperate with the authorities, declaring that the
commission does not enjoy people’s confidence. "They are sending
ultimatums instead, which contributes neither to dialogue, nor to
the disclosure of the events," he said. The Speaker also attached
importance to the involvement of international experts in the
commission activities, which will provide objectivity of investigation
process and will instill confidence for the investigation results.