International Conference Devoted To Interreligious Dialogue

17:00 15/07/2008

International conference is held devoted to interreligious dialogue,
by Muslim World League, taking place in 16-18, in ‘Feria De Madrid’
place in Madrid, Spain. Both Christians and Muslim clerics of all
over the world take part in the conference.

St. Edjmiatcin`s informational center informs that with the
sanctification of all Armenian Catholicos, H. H. Garegin B, Norvan
archbishop Zaqaryan, the leader of Armenian diocese in France, will
take part in the conference.

The theme of the conference is ‘Dialogue between followers of God
religions as well as civilizations and cultures.’ The aim of the
conference is to bring together people of different faith. Also
discussions for fastening the cooperation of the religions is going
to be held. Leader of Saudi Arabia and the king of Spain will take
part and make a speech.