"They Lack Compelling Evidence"


14 July, 2008

Lusine Sahakian, Advocate of ex Deputy Prosecutor General Gagik
Jhangirian, doesn’t know yet when Jhangirian’s case will be brought
to court. She is confident that the case is not forwarded to court
because of the lack of evidence.

"I think the case should be dismissed as they do not have
circumstantial evidence," says Mrs. Sahakian.

Lusine Sahakian thinks Gagik Jhangirian is persecuted for his political
views. "It was obvious that he would be punished after his speech. The
article didn’t matter in his case."

Asked whether the decision was made before instituting a suit against
Jhangirian, Sahakian said: "Surely."

"At first Jhangirian was charged with bearing of illegal armament and
violence against a government official /Article 316/. Then Article
300 was added /attempt of power usurpation/," Luisne Sahakian said
with regard to the delay of the case.