No One Is Persecuted?


4 July, 2008

On July 14 Head of the RoA President’s Administration, Hovik
Abrahamian, met with Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of
Europe, Thomas Hammarberg.

The interlocutors discussed the process of accomplishment of
Resolutions 1609 and 1620 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council
of Europe, particularly referring to the status of the detained persons
and issues connected with the parliamentary format of the independent
investigation of the March 1occurrences. The CoE Commissioner for
Human Rights is to present a report on the issue at the Monitoring
Committee in September.

Hovik Abrahamian assured Mr. Hammarberg that the Armenian authorities
are resolute to fully investigate the events of March 1 and punish
the criminals. At the same time he underlined that no one can be
persecuted for political views