Levon Zurabian: Authorities Are Capable Of Any Meanness



Ju ly 3

At the rally to be held on July 4, leader of the National Movement
Levon Ter-Petrosian was going to make proposals of overcoming
the political crisis and moving the struggle to the constructive
field. However, as Levon Zurabian, a representative of the National
Movement, stated at the July 3 press conference, the authorities
presented manifestation of opposition’s good will as a retreat
"for the purpose of encouraging the criminal elements supporting
them and stirring them to act against the people." The evidence of
it is the act of violence committed against one of Hima’s activists,
Narek Hovakimian, not authorizing rallies, the attack upon peaceful
citizens in Northern Avenue the previous day.

"Therefore, the regime showed its being unable to settle the crisis
through a peaceful, political, civil, constructive dialogue," the
National Movement representative said.

According to L. Zurabian, "under the formed situation the people
has nothing else to do but to rise to show the might of the national
movement," for release of people arrested for their political views,
restoring violated people’s freedoms. "The July 4 meaning changed,
but it was the choice of the administration," he stated adding that
the Movement will continue fighting with legal, national methods,
but henceforth the struggle will be much more decisive.

Touching upon the previous day’s incident, the Movement representative
said that it was committed before the eyes of the Police and more than
300 eye-witnesses, there are many video recordings and photographs. He
said that those attacking had arrived to the scene by cars with
14 SO 265, 286 SO 64, 638 LL 64, 297 LL 64, 436 LL 64 registration
numbers. According to L.

Zurabian, the movement representatives made an attempt to cooperate
with the policemen, gave them many video recordings, a written
complaint was sent to the Central Department of Yerevan Police.

"The incident shows that the authorities are capable of any meannnes
and the nerves of the authorities are weakened," he said. In response
to the question of whether it is possible that a third force acts,
which tries to hinder a possible dialogue between the authorities
and the opposition, L.

Zurabian said that "theoretically it is not excluded." According
to him, the answer to that question will depend on whether the
Police will disclose the instigators and organizers of the July 2
disorders. According to him, if the Police has proper will, the case
will be disclosed easily and quickly.

Otherwise it will be proved that all this was organized by the
authorities and only for that reason those committing it will remain


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