According To Press, Those Instigating Brawl In Northern Avenue Were


Ju ly 3

A sit-down strike followed the brawl on July 2 in Northern
Avenue. According to the Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper, witnesses say
that those instigating the brawl were the "skinheads" (guards members)
of Erebuni prefect Mher Sedrakian (Mher of Tokhmakh) and of Kentron
prefect Gagik Beglarian (Chorni Gago). It is mentioned that Babken
Ghazarian distinguished himself among them. He had hit Haykakan
Zhamanak’s correspondent at a polling station on February 19.

The Hraparak newspaper, in its turn, reported that the people
constantly walking in Northern Avenue told that they recognized
some of the instigators, there were young RPA members, members of
M. Sedrakian’s guards and women who held rallies near Ter-Petrosian’s
office and private house in spring among them. "Some of those injured
in the incident had noticed before the incident that some of them
came up to the policemen in Tumanian street, then walked to Republic
Square with them."

It should be mentioned that both the Hraparak and Aravot newspapers
reported that the policemen intended to bring to the Police one of
the young people instigating the brawl, seated him into a car, but
set him free a bit later.

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