Azat Artsakh Daily,
27 June 08
Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]

On adoption of PACE Resolution 1614 "On the functioning of democratic
institutions in Azerbaijan" How would you comment on the thesis
mentioned in PACE Resolution 1614 that sustainable democratic
development will be extremely difficult in Azerbaijan as long as
the country’s territorial integrity has not been restored? One can
achieve sustainable democratic development only when the country
itself determines its course taking into account its own system of
values and does not seek for pretexts to be justified in front of the
international structures for non-fulfillment of its international and
legal commitments. Without going into details on the alleged violation
of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity I would like to note that in
contemporary international practice we can observe cases when the
country being at war with another state or having numerous conflicts
with its neighbors, can at the same time pretend to be one of the
best democratic states like Israel, India, etc. I wonder whether
the presence of political prisoners in the country is a result of
violation of territorial integrity. Is the mass media suppressed,
are the journalists beat up by the same reason? To all appearance,
these questions are rhetorical. On the whole, Europe’s position on
keeping balanced attitude towards the Southern Caucasus countries
is understandable. At the same time, it arouses bewilderment that
maintenance of this approach as presented by Azerbaijan passes
along the line of cornerstone priorities of the Council of Europe on
which all the European architecture – democracy, supremacy of law are
founded. While the democracy in the NKR is a natural non-opportunistic
choice for the people of Nagorno Karabakh, which is not appreciated
properly by Europe, in Azerbaijan we observe its convulsive
imitation. Within this context, we would like to advise the Council
of Europe to take the democracy in Azerbaijan and the democratic
processes taking place as a whole in the region most seriously and with
all responsibility. We are convinced that only democratic Azerbaijan
can become that neighbor with whom the Nagorno Karabakh Republic can
speak the same language. The same resolution runs that the PACE takes
note of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution of March 14,
2008. Would you express your attitude concerning this fact? A day
before, Chairman of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers
objectively noted that the settlement of the Azerbaijani-Karabakhi
conflict is outside of the competence of the Council of Europe, it
is dealt with the OSCE Minsk Group. Within this context, it causes
regret that the Council of Europe cites the document, which was not
supported by the Minsk Group co-chair countries. Fixation of the given
formulation in the document of this international organization can only
affect the course of the Azerbaijani-Karabakhi conflict settlement
and does not promote the creation of positive negotiation climate
via dialogue declared by the Council of Europe.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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