BAKU: Chairman Of Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union Rustam Ibrahimbe


Azeri Press Agency
June 25 2008

Baku. Karim Hasanli, Ulkar Gasimova-APA. Ukrainian director of
Armenian origin Roman Balayan produced a film written by Chairman of
Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union, People’s Writer Rustam Ibrahimbeyov
and starring by Oksana Akinshina and Oleg Yankowsky.

The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine allocated 70 per cent of 17.5
million hryvna spent for the film’s production and its opening night
will take place this autumn in Ukraine.

In his interview with APA, Rustam Ibrahimbeyov confirmed that he
made joint film with the Armenian director. He said he wrote the
screenplay 15 years ago and it was filmed in Ukraine. "The film "Birds
of Paradise" produced in 2007 is about the events developed in Ukraine
in 1985. There are no Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the film. Roman
Balayan lives in Ukraine and he is Ukrainian citizen. Why cooperation
with the Armenian-native director should be condemned? Only savages can
think so. Armenian people are not our enemy. Our enemy is the Armenian
leadership, army and politicians. We have to say everywhere that we are
not enemies with the Armenian people. We wanted to return back Karabakh
and we will return these lands together with its population. Our policy
should be established so that Azerbaijani and Armenian people wouldn’t
be enemy to each other. Simply our army should defeat their army,
but we can stay forever as the enemy peoples. We will say that we are
fraternal nations 10-15 years later. It is very difficult issue. Our
sayings about the enmity are in favor of Armenians mostly. Armenians
say that they can’t return to Azerbaijan because Azerbaijanis don’t
like them. Therefore we have to say that we don’t nourish hatred
against the Armenian people, ordinary Armenians. We have to be at
enmity with the Armenian army. We will get out from the situation
by the military way if it will not possible peacefully. It is not
correct to say that every Armenian is our enemy."

The psychological drama was submitted to the Moscow international
festival. Balayan is the student of Sergei Parajanov, representative
of Soviet cinematograph. The film’s subject was taken from the
Dmitriy Savitsky’s "Waltz for K" about the developments in Ukraine in
1980s. Screenwriter of the film Rustam Ibrahimbeyov said he decided
to participate in its production after that hew was familiarized with
the book.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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