Will Pace Hold A Debate On Armenia On June 25?


11 June, 2008

Georges Colombier (France, EPP/CD) and John Prescott (United Kingdom,
SOC), co-rapporteurs on the monitoring of Armenia’s obligations and
commitments, will be making a fact-finding visit to Armenia in the
context of the implementation of PACE Resolution 1609 (2008) on the
functioning of democratic institutions in Armenia.

During the visit, the co-rapporteurs should meet the President of the
Republic, the President of the National Assembly, representatives
of the political coalition in power and of the opposition parties,
both those represented in Parliament and others, the working group on
the implementation of the PACE resolution, the working group on the
reform of the electoral code, the lawyers of imprisoned opposition
supporters and the representatives of NGOs.

If, at the end of their visit, the co-rapporteurs conclude that
insufficient progress has been made, the Assembly may hold a debate
under urgent procedure on 25 June, at the summer session, on the
functioning of democratic institutions Armenia.

Under PACE Resolution 1609 the Armenian authorities are to launch
an independent investigation on March 1 occurrences, release people
detained on artificial or political motivations and nullify the NA
recent amendments to the Law on "Meetings, marches, demonstrations
and rallies."

"Otherwise, during its summer session the Assembly will review the
possibility of depriving Armenia of the right to vote in PACE in
case no progress is reported towards the above-mentioned concerns,"
holds the Resolution.

Note, during the June 23-27 session PACE will consider the functioning
of democratic institutions in Azerbaijan and the May parliamentary
elections in Georgia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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