It Was Undesirable For Coalition Government Member To Start Activity


Noyan Tapan
May 4, 2008

YEREVAN, MAY 4, NOYAN TAPAN. The Prosperous Armenia party (PAP)
welcomes the prime minister Tigran Sargsian’s idea that in order to
achieve solidarity in society, the rich should change their attitude
to life and adopt a posture becoming an Armenian man, members of
the National Assembly PAP faction Naira Zohrabian said at the May 4
briefing in the parliament. In her words, PAP chairman Gagik Tsarukian
clearly instructed his employees and body guards "never to break law".

As regards participation of the newly appointed minister of transport
and comunication, member of Orinats Yerkir party (OYP) Gurgen Sargsian
in the vote on the government program in the NA (this fact was covered
by the mass media), N. Zohrabian said that if one of PAP ministers
acted in such a way, there would be an adequate response of their
party chairman. She added that the the issue related to this incident
should be solved by the OYP chairman and the prime minister.

Expressiing his negative opinion about the minister’s participation
in the vote, the secretary of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA)
faction Samvel Nikoyan underlined that the main purpose of forming
the ruling coalition is to create an atmosphere of tolerance and
cooperation in the society, and it was undesirale for the member of
the political force making part of the coalition to start his activity
by creating a scandalous situation.

He reminded about the prime minister’s statement that the latter
intends to keep an eye on publications on government activities in
order to deal with the problems indicated in these publications,
while in case of their not been confirmed, he intends to defend
government memers from undue attacks.

S.Nikoyan expressed confidence that in connection with the above
mentioned case the government should answer the question of whether
the mass media discredits the government member or this information is
true. In both cases there is a problem whose solution, according to the
deputy, is within the jurisdiction of the prime minister and president.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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