Not By Words But By Deeds

Lilit Poghosyan

Hayots Ashkhar Daily
Published on May 01, 2008

By the overwhelming majority of the votes (87-for, 3-against
and 1-abstaining), the Parliament expressed confidence in the
government headed by Tigran Sargsyan, approving the action plan
for the forthcoming 5 years: "pretentious", "ambitious" but still
"painful" for some people.

Before that the MPs and the representatives of all the 5 fractions
expressed their standpoints regarding the action plan of the

On behalf of "Orinats Yerkir" party Heghine Bisharyan proposed absolute
support to the "audacious and pretentious" program.

Stressing the importance of the formation of the institute of
responsibility she assured: "Our political team is going to be
consistent in supporting the government and we will do our best to
put into practice the program we approved. It is a government of a
new start. Consequently, with the confirmation of those steps we must
switch on the clock of the new start."

Head of ARFD fraction Hrayr Karapetyan mentioned in his turn:
" Not all the proposals made by Dashnaktsutyun party are included
in the government’s action plan. In general it is not possible to
include the programs of all the political powers of the coalition in
this program. In that case there would have been one party, and one
political power in Armenia, with all the bad consequences deriving
from it.

In our view the priorities declared by the government must suit all
the political powers considering themselves bearers of the national
ideology, including Dashnaktsutyun."

Vardan Bostanjyan expressed the attitude of "Bargavach Hayastan" party:
"We must wish success to the government for implementing similar
program. It is of high quality and correct and we must welcome and
vote for it."

He also brought the attention of the MPs on "certain priorities
covered in the program" that in many cases don’t go beyond the form
of beautiful words. Like, for example, increase of the quality
of governance, fighting protégé and bureaucracy, free rivalry,
assistance to entrepreneurs, etc.

The speech of the representative of the Republican Party Artak
Davtyan was laconic and to the point. "Formation of effective
governing system, development of education and science, proportional
territorial development, social protection of our citizens, these
are the priorities declared in the program. It is only in case of the
implementation of those priorities that we can have a qualitatively
different country in 2012.

Taking into account this fact, as well as attaching importance to
the fact that the digital index of the program submitted by the
government is the minimum value recorded in the pre-election program
of the President, the implementation of this program requires great
power and devotion from each member of the government.

That is why by saying, "yes" to the action plan of the government RPA
faction appeals to the coalition partners to avoid party-addiction,
which according to Garegin Njdeh "must be uprooted from the guidelines
of our political figures and parties. Their role must mainly be
the unification of our people around the realization of state and
pan-national programs, being guided by moral principles and standards."

According to the evaluation of the Speaker of NA Tigran Torosyan the
government action plan is not only "very ambitious" but it is very
"special for our country. During the period before the submission
of the program, unfortunately, we revealed various flaws, that still
exist this or that way and I don’t think that tomorrow they will be
completely annihilated.

People are mostly concerned about this or that personality than the
approaches and standards submitted by the government. For around
5 decades they appointed people in different positions and then
dismissed, by different methods – ordered articles discrediting,
and libeling them. It is a really serious issue and serious
challenge. Maybe some people have become accustomed to this working
style, but this is the principal flaw existing in the society."

The Prime Minister summarized the discussion by the principled
approaches of his team and Serge Sargsyan: "We are going to
implement changes and we will start from ourselves. This program is
"pro-governmental". We will reveal the failures and propose solutions."

He also added: "The way you trust our words, I would like to assure
you that the same way, we trust you. Your moral assistance is more
binding than the criticism heard, all the time, in our address. And
we must try to prove with our work that your moral assistance is to
the point. We really need that assistance, because it is a good way
to unite for healthy cooperation.

I would like to assure you that there will be no difference between
our words and deeds. We are really interested in strengthening the
rights of the opposition by law, because we can’t have a strong
government without a strong and constructive opposition."

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