ANKARA: Turkish FM Says His Country Ready For Dialogue With Armenia

Turkish Press
April 26 2008

Turkish Foreign Minister Says His Country Is Ready For Dialogue With Armenia
Published: 4/26/2008

ANKARA – Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said on Monday that
Ankara was ready for dialogue with Yerevan to normalize relations
between Turkey and Armenia.

"Armenia now has a new government and I have sent a letter to the new
Armenian counterpart expressing that Turkey is ready for dialogue in
order to normalize its relations with Armenia," Babacan told a joint
press meeting with his Austrian counterpart Ursula Plassnik in the
Turkish capital, Ankara.

"Turkey wants to see peace, stability, security and prosperity in its
region but as you know our relations with Armenia do not fit into that
formula. We have problems, and the only way to solve these problems is
through dialogue. Our doors are open to dialogue in the new period
ahead," he said.