ANKARA: Turkey EU Process Is A Win-win Project For Both Parties, FM

Turkish Press
April 26 2008

Turkey’s EU Process Is A Win-win Project For Both Parties, FM
Published: 4/26/2008

ANKARA – Turkey`s FM said on Monday the country`s EU process was a
win-win procedure for both parties.

Speaking at opening of Turkish-Austrian Neighborhood Workshop in State
Guesthouse in Ankara, Turkish FM Ali Babacan said Turkey implemented
remarkable political reforms and made important steps in its EU bid.

Babacan thanked Austria for its support to Turkey`s EU aspiration and
said both countries pursued a stable foreign policy in a geography
full of challenges and opportunities.

Turkey has been carefully monitoring developments in Bosnia-
Herzegovina and a partnership agreement that was expected to be signed
by EU and Bosnia-Herzegovina was of great importance, Babacan said.

Turkey highly value Kosovo and there were sound ties between the two
countries, he said. "Preserving peace and stability in Balkans is a
priority for Turkey," Babacan indicated.

The Palestine issue was the main problem in the Middle East and
fragmentation among Palestinians should be eliminated for the sake of
peace process, Babacan said.

"Turkey is eager to normalize its relations with Armenia. It keeps
open dialogue channels with the new Armenian government," he also

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