BAKU: Terry Davis: "I Am Impatiently Waiting For Abolition Of OSCE M


Azeri Press Agency
April 16 2008

Strasbourg. Fuad Gulubeyli-APA. "Those, who supported Azerbaijani
and Armenian membership to the Council of Europe, were focusing the
Nagorno Karabakh problem too. I was also au courant and well-informed
about the problem.

However it will not be correct to say these two countries joined the
Council of Europe only for the solution of Nagrono Karabakh problem",
said Terry Davis, CE Secretary General at a press-conference in
Strasbourg, APA European Bureau reports. He said other factors had
also been considered when both countries entered to the Council of
Europe. "It is true some people were saying that these countries
couldn’t join the Council as long as the Nagorno Karabakh problem is
not solved. Others said let Azerbaijan and Armenia join the Council
of Europe and then we would assist them to solve the conflict. The
Council of Europe is not directly involved in the negotiations
over this conflict. Regarding the different estimation of the OSCE
Minsk Group activity, of course the prolongation of the solution is
regrettable. The Minsk Group is trying to reach agreement between
the parties for long time, but it is necessary to consider that the
Minsk Group cannot force the parties to accept any solution. This
institution is playing the role of assistant in finding solution to
the deadlock. I have talked to the foreign ministers of both countries
and been impressed that both parties are close to agree. I think we
can hope for the agreement in the near future". Terry Davis responded
the claims about the stopping of OSCE Minsk Group’s activity. "My
opinion about the stopping of OSCE Minsk Group’s activity is that I
am impatiently waiting for the abolition of this institution. Its
abolition will normally mean the solution of Nagrono Karabakh
problem". Speaking about the situation of media in Europe, Terry Davis
said there were problems in this field. He expressed concern on the
murder of Russian Channel One journalist, censorship on the Internet
in Armenia, arrest of journalists in Azerbaijan and emphasized the
importance of improving the media situation in entire European space.

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