District Has Turned Into Dump


[12:38 pm] 11 April, 2008

Gharibjanian macadam road of Gyumri has turned into a dump. Debris and
domestic rubbish have been dumped just at the entrance Gyumri-Armavir

Residents of the neighbourhood say the area was last scavenged in
the May of 2007, after the parliamentary election with the technical
assistance of Armenian MP Martun Grigorian.

But shortly afterwards the site was neglected.

Residents’ further protests were left unaddressed. The indifference
aroused controversies between the commoners and trash-van
drivers. Drivers of refuse-collectors say the City Hall has given
permission to dump debris in the area. The City Hall disclaims it
saying that the residents of the disputed commune have already turned
to the relevant department of the City Hall. They have been informed
that the City Hall is not in charge of the area. Meanwhile, Shirak’s
Marzpetaran claims that the area belongs to the City Hall.

No one has picked up the garbage from the site so far.

A representative of the City Hall says that the area will gradually
be disposed of garbage.

To note, debris and faded flowers from the nearby cemetery are
constantly being added to the scrap-heap.

Besides, residents of neighbouring villages continually throw rubbish
on entering or leaving the town.

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