Housing Construction Will Be Coordinated


08-04-2008 20:44:15

The state commission for coordination of housing construction held
its first meeting. The commission was set up by a recent decree of
the president and is aimed to coordinate government-financed housing
construction and reconstruction.

The chair of the commission, Prime Minister Ara Harutiunyan noted that
the social housing programs implemented over the past ten years has
never been coordinated. There are a number of cases of violation of
building regulations, provision of apartments to people who are not
eligible for the social housing program, construction of housing in
"inexpedient" areas, and a number of other breaches. As a result,
the problem of housing of hundreds of people was solved, but part of
the government funds was wasted.

"The problem of housing will be tackled in two ways: mortgage and
subsidy of construction of housing for socially insecure categories
of people," Ara Harutiunyan said.

A separate organization called the Center for Coordination of Housing
Programs is going to be set up which will deal with organizational
activities. The center will create a database of apartments provided
earlier and study the lists of people in line for apartments, as well
as the demand.

The lists will be made on the basis of consultations with heads of
regional administrations rather than documents of applicants.

"We will rely on the current lists but the commission will have the
right to decide who should receive an apartment primarily. Primarily,
it is necessary to provide the families of killed azatamartiks with
apartments. We will probably finish this in 2 or 3 years," the prime
minister said.

This year the government will allocate 3.5 billion drams for
different social housing programs. 658 million will be spent on the
construction of houses for large families. In addition, the issue
of providing apartments to families with five and more children is
under consideration (so far the government built houses for families
having 6 and more children). 950 million drams is foreseen for the
housing for migrants.

According to the minister of urban planning Alexander Mamunts, of
3.5 billion drams about 250 million has been spent this year. The
minister urged the members of the commission to hurry up with the
government order because the volume of activities requires considerable
construction resources.

During the meeting it was mentioned that it will be impossible to
ensure social justice in solving this problem unless all the programs
are coordinated from one center.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

Emil Lazarian

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