Crops Are One Third Of Last Years


08-04-2008 20:44:36

The minister of agriculture Armo Tsatryan says the pace of sowing of
crops is normal. As of March 31, 1131.3 ha of crops have been sown
which is one third of last year’s index.

The government provided seeds of potato, corn, soy, peas to farmers in
the form of interest-free loans. According to the minister, already
more than 300 tons of potato seeds, 215 tons of peas, 8 tons of corn
and 5 tons of soy have been distributed. Loan is due by October 1,
after the harvest.

Also Armo Tsatryan said in an interview with that
last year 1185 ha of potatoes was sown. This year 999.6 ha have been
sown by April, compared with 614.2 ha of the same period of the past
year. 213.8 ha of vegetables have been sown against 7.9 ha last year.

According to the minister of agriculture, 12 thousand ha of privatized
and rented land, as well as 1500 ha of the government reserve are
fallow. Half of 300 million drams foreseen for this program has
been disbursed to farmers, the rest will be disbursed in June after
cultivation. According to the minister, another 120 million drams
will be needed.