Serge Sargsian: "Goal Of Forming Coalition Is Implementation Of Most


Noyan Tapan
March 21, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 21, NOYAN TAPAN. The goal of creating a coalition is
to implement reforms, and most serious changes in the country. This
statement was made by Serge Sargsian, the Prime Minister and the
newly-elected President of the Republic of Armenia, after the signature
of the coalition agreement between the four parliamentary parties in
the RA government.

According to him, those changes will be large-scale and "painful"
for many people, and the assistance of mass media, as well as society
is necessry for their implementation.

Armen Rustamian, the representative of the ARF Supreme Body of Armenia,
mentioned that that document is a result of long-lasting negotiations.

According to him, the memorandum is, first of all, a political
document, and the agreement of political approaches on the problems
set in front of the country has been considered as primary. Armen
Rustamian mentioned that by signing this document, Dashnaktsutiun
pursued three main problems, including: to do everything to quickly
discharge the current domestic political tension, for which a political
will and conscience for moving forward is necessary.

In the words of Gagik Tsarukian, the Chairman of the Bargavach Hayastan
party, the agreement once again obliges to justify the expectations
of the people and implement the promises given to them by joint work.

Arthur Baghdasarian, the Leader of the Orinats Yerkir party, mentioned
that it is the first time that such a comprehensive document is
being signed in the political reality of Armenia. In particular, the
political forces, which sign the document, have received many votes
both in the parliamentary and presidential elections, which means
that the future political coalition of Armenia has the political
confidence of the overwhelming majority of the population of the
country. The second important peculiarity, according to him, is that it
is mentioned in the document for the first time that the signing parts
assume political responsibility for the activities of the RA authority.

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