Four Parties Represented In Parliament Sign A Coalition Memorandum


Noyan Tapan
March 21, 2008

YEREVAN, MARCH 21, NOYAN TAPAN. On March 21 a coalition memorandum was
signed between four political forces represented in the parliament:
the Republican, Bargavach Hayastan (Prosperous Armenia), Orinats Yerkir
(Country of Law) and the ARF Dashnaktsutiun parties.

As Hrayr Karapetian, the Head of the ARF faction mentioned during the
parliamentary briefings, after long-lasting negotiations Dashnaktsutiun
joined the coalition, as it will adopt certain principles, which
are of importance for the ARF. They include, in particular, an
active dialogue with the opposition, the provision of the political
field for the activities of the opposition, the involvement of only
undiscredited political figures, the settlement of the social problems,
the elimination of monopoly, as well as many others.

H. Karapetian attached importance to the increase in the role of
the Security Council. According to him, newly-elected President
Serge Sargsian gives a great significance to the activities of that
council. The MP mentioned that the representatives of all the coalition
forces will be included in the Security Council. The coalition also
attaches importance to the creation of a Public House, which will
include the representatives of the non-parliamentarian opposition
as well. H. Karapetian expressed repent that the Armenian National
Movement, which was a radical opposition before, missed the opportunity
for being elected in the parliament. In his opinion, the "street"
events cannot be a productive means for struggle and the opposition can
conduct political negotiations with separate parties or the coalition.

H. Karapetian stated that they are still speaking only about the
signing of a document concerning principles. As regards positions, no
one, even the President of the republic, can at this moment provide
information concerning them. He mentioned that the political forces
will be given certain spheres, the issue of the leaders of which will
be decided by the parties. In response to the question of whether
the involvement of the opposition and the first president in the
government is possible, H. Karapetian reminded that there are also
other forces supporting Levon TEr-Petrosian, the participation of
which in the government is not excluded.

In response to the question of a Noyan Tapan correspondent,
H. Karapetian mentioned that being in the previous coalition,
Dashnaktsutiun expressed its protest with regard to the activities of
the government. In his words, if this time the principles suggested
by Dashnaktsutiun are violated, the ARF Dashnaktsutiun will not only
appeal but will also leave the coalition.

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