Azerbaijan Aggressively "Flirts" With Everyone


19-03-2008 16:50:19

The settlement of Karabakh has reached a point when the possibility
to maneuver is zero. The parties, both Armenian and Azerbaijani,
have come closer to the "moment of truth" and must distinctly outline
their stance.

The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group voted against the UN resolution
which recommends withdrawal of the Armenian troops from the area
of the Karabakh conflict, return of the Azerbaijani refugees and
deployment of peacekeepers.

The resolution does not convey anything about the future status
of Karabakh.

At the same time, Azerbaijan does not reject the talks mediated by
the OSCE, during which, according to the Armenian side, the status
of NKR is discussed. Evidence to this are the statements by the OSCE
co-chairs, namely the United States that Washington recognizes the
territorial integrity of Azerbaijan but the status of Nagorno-Karabakh
must be determined through peace talks.

In his recent statement the U.S. co-chair Matthew Bryza spelled out
what the governments of both countries are trying to veil. A complex of
proposals is on the agenda which can be discussed and which must lead
to the return of territories of Azerbaijan, return of refugees. It
includes the corridor connecting Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia,
the presence of international peacekeeping force. In other words,
all these points will underlie the peace agreement which will foster
prosperity in the region, Matthew Bryza said.

The situation is that of a stalemate. Azerbaijan, flirting with the
West, participates in the talks as a result of which the secession
of Karabakh and its relation to Armenia must get international
recognition. At the same time, the Baku authorities are flirting
with their own public, reassuring them that the secession of Karabakh
is impossible. They also aggressively "flirt" with Karabakh, trying
to show that neither the international law, nor the pressure of the
international community and "moral" political principles are primary
for them.

Perhaps it is time that Baku made a decision and maybe stopped
participating in the talks.

Besides, the Armenian government should spell out distinctly what
awaits Armenia in case of success or failure of the talks. What
situation will occur if Azerbaijan, nevertheless, accepts the
independence of Karabakh?

What will happen if the talks lasting for a decade crush? And isn’t
freezing the best way out of the situation?