Foreign Affairs Ministry: Russia Activated NK Intercessors Cooperati

17:03 18/03/2008

In the regulation process of the NKR question Russia managed to
activate the OSCE Minsk Group (Russia, USA, and France) co-chairmen
close relations and cooperation. The information is mentioned in the
report made by the RF Foreign Affairs Ministry on their conducted
jobs and programs last year.

"The Western colleagues keep fair to their positions, that
the negotiations on the NK regulation do not have another
variants. Besides, that implementation of force is impossible in this
sense," is written in the report.

"Yet in Madrid the Foreign Affairs ministers of Russia and France,
and the deputy state secretary of the USA handed official document
to the Foreign Affairs Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, where
the main regulative points of question were stated. The step was
hold taking into account the forthcoming presidential elections in
both countries in order to keep the already gained agreements and
possibilities through the negotiations," is written in the report.