Three Armenian Brandies Fit State Standard


March 14, 2008

YEREVAN, March 14. /ARKA/. Three taps of Armenian brandy made by the
Yerevan Brandy Company, the Ararat Distillery and the Stepanakert
Brandy Company were recognized fitting the State Standard. The Alcohol
Quality Control Commission made the decision at its March 14 meeting.

The samples of twelve taps of brandy made in the three abovementioned
companies were presented to the commission members in three groups.

The first group included one 40%-strong three-year-old brandy from each
company and the second group included 40%-42%-strong four-year-old
and five-year-old brandies from each. The third group included
40%-42%-strong five-to-ten-year-old brandies – two from the Stepanakert
factory, three from the Yerevan Brandy Company and one from Ararat.

All the tasted brandies proved to be meeting the technical demands,
fitting the criteria provided on label and deserving to be exported.

State Quality Inspection Chief Ashot Ghazaryan said the commission has
been regularly holding such tasting events for the past three years.

"Tasting helps identify Armenian brandies and supervise the quality
of the products. Brandies are then issued a quality certificate,"
Ghazaryan said. Brandies undergo tasting at the request of the
producing companies.