ANKARA: American Professor Denies Armenian Genocide Claims


Turkish Daily News
March 13 2008

The alleged Armenian genocide never happened and foreign reporters at
the time wrote false stories about things they never saw, said Justin
McCarthy, an American professor, at a conference titled "Enemies of
the Truth" Tuesday.

McCarthy, author of the book, "The Ottoman Peoples and the End
of Empire, 2001" said, "Western reporters wrote that thousands of
Armenians were killed by the Turks in Sasun between the 1890s and 1912,
however it is impossible to report what happened from Sasun to Kars
in Britain on the same day. It used to take a week to go from Sasun
to Kars," and added, "how did those reporters manage to report all
that on the same day if they had never been there?"

"Western reporters were liars, they only talked to missionaries and
Armenians and never wrote about the Turks killed in the region,"
he said. "Those who lie about history are enemies of the truth and
they have reasons for doing this," said McCarthy and added that those
reasons were propaganda, getting an Armenian state in the region or the
donations that they received. McCarthy also complained about Western
newspapers, which published and still publish the false statistics
of the 1890s, according to which around one million Armenians lived
in eastern Anatolia. "If those statistics are right, the Armenian
population in the region should be larger than the Turks, Kurds and
other minorities, but they were not," said McCarty, adding that those
statistics, which were said to be Ottoman, in fact were not. "Ottomans
never counted people using their nationalities.

The basis was being Muslim or non-Muslim," he said.