Serzh Sargsyan: The most important is that the poll gets public trus

Serzh Sargsyan: The most important is that the poll gets public trust

2008-02-19 12:07:00

ArmInfo. The most important is that the poll gets high public trust,
Minister of Armenia, presidential candidate Serzh Sargsyan told
journalists after voting at the polling station 9/11.

‘I believe it important that the greatest part of the citizens trust in
the voting result. It is not important how many rounds of voting will
be>, the premier said. Asked if the government dismissal is possible
after the election, S. Sargsyan said he sees no preconditions for
significant changes in his cabinet. ‘The government was formed just
9 months ago. It has achieved good results. I do not think that there
are preconditions for any significant changes>, he said. S. Sargsyan
also added that many political forces were involved in government
formation. ‘It is evident that we used all the forces. We could form
the government independently, indeed, but we invited the parties
Prosperous Armenia, ARF Dashsnaktsutyun to the executive power
and appointed ministers non-party men>, he said. Asked about the
possibility of a negative post-election situation in the county,
S. Sargysan said he sees no relevant preconditions. He believes
there may be fight for implementation of campaign programs. As
regards the statement by one of the presidential candidate to fight
to the very end, Serzh Sargysan said it may happen after 8:00 pm when
polling-stations will be closed.

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