Vazgen Manukian Considers That No Presidential Candidate Has Formed


Noyan Tapan
Feb 11, 2008

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 11, NOYAN TAPAN. No matter who is elected RA
President, Vazgen Manukian, the Chairman of the National Democratic
Union, RA presidential candidate, will not agree to work with
him. Stating this at the February 11 press conference, the latter
also explained that he held various posts under Levon Ter-Petrosian,
as he worked with his team. However, in his opinion, no presidential
candidate has a formed team at present.

Touching upon the provisions of his preelection program concerning
the economic sphere, V. Manukian said that it is envisaged to carry
out indexation of consumer prices once every three months. Armenia’s
economy is divided among oligarches sponsored by the authorities
and dozens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises has
suffered much in consequence of the amendments made to the RA law On
Simplified Tax.

According to the amendments, if a company’s annual circulation exceeds
50m drams, it cannot work with a simplified tax. V. Manukian said
that they propose making 50m drams 100m drams to encourage small and
medium-sized entrepreneurship.

V. Manukian said that liquidation of monopolies will be possible only
after the adoption of a new Constitution, as well as after judicial
system’s being really independent.

The presidential candidate did not deny that some businessmen also
support him during the election campaign, but did not wish to publicize
their names.

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