Examination Of Presidential Candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian’s Applicat


Noyan Tapan
Feb 11, 2008

YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 11, NOYAN TAPAN. The examination of RA presidential
candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian’s application started on February 11,
at 11:00 at the RA Constitutional Court. The application demanded
considering insuperable the obstacles, which have emerged in
Ter-Petrosian’s way of participation in the elections. It should be
mentioned that according to Article 52 of the Constitution, in case
insuperable obstacles emerge for one of the candidates, the election
of the RA President is delayed by two weeks.

Unless the insuperable obstacles are liquidated in that period, a new
election is fixed and the voting is held after the expiration of the
above mentioned two-week term, on the 40th day.

The claimant’s representatives are Ruben Torosian, the Chairman of
the Supreme Council deputy club, Artak Zeynalian, a member of the
Political Board of the Hanrapetutiun (Republic) party, and Robert
Sanoyan. They represent the monitoring group of L. Ter-Petrosian’s
preelection headquarters. As Gagik Haroutiunian, the Chairman of the
RA Constitutional Court, explained to journalists, no respondent is
envisaged on the case of recognizing the insuperable obstacle.

The application mentioned that Public Television three months
running broadcast biassed and anti-agitation reportings against
presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrosian. This statement was,
in particular, grounded by the data published by the organizations
conducting media monitoring. Use of the administrative resource by
Ter-Petrosian’s opponent, presidential candidate, Prime Minister
Serge Sargsian, as well as President Robert Kocharian’s critical
speeches addressed to Ter-Petrosian were also among the arguments
of the representatives. L. Ter-Petrosian’s preelection headquarters
tried to overcome the obstacles by applying to the RA Central Electoral
Commission, RA Administrative Court, National Commission of Television
and Radio with the demand of liquidating the violations of the
suffrage, but in vain. As a result, the presidential candidate found
himself in a situation when he is not able to carry out preelection
agitation on equal conditions because of reasons not depending on him.

After hearing the explanations of the claimant’s representatives the
court started a consultation behind closed doors to make a decision
on the case.

The decision can be published no later than by 24:00.

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