Tigran Torosyan Received Boris Grizlov


18:31 28/01/2008

Today Tigran Torosyan, the president of the National Assembly received
Boris Grizlov, the president of Russian State Duma. The information is
provided by the public relations department of the assembly. Arevik
Petrosyan, the deputy president, Nikolay Pavlov, Russian ambassador
in Armenia, Armen Smbatyan, Armenian ambassador in Russia were also
present at the meeting.

Tigran Torosyan, expressed his gratefulness of receiving his colleague
in Armenia, and he said that hopefully Armenian-Russian relations
would match with the new perspectives and new conditions.

Torosyan highly evaluated the co operation with international
organizations, and mentioned that there a good deal of unused
opportunities to be used.

Particularly it was proposed to improve the works of CIS countries
inter-parliamentary congress.

According to Torosyan, Armenian-Russian inter-parliamentary
relationship should be improved and it should cover
scientific-cultural, educational and economic spheres. Tigran Torosyan
said that after the past parliamentary and the forthcoming presidential
elections in both countries, their relationship should be even more

Boris Grizlov said that Russian-Armenian inter-parliamentary relations
should be strengthened by new co operations. He highly evaluated the
works of inter-parliamentary co operation congress and added that
they are going to discuss "20 anniversary of earthquake" questions
in the next meeting of the congress.

Grizlov said that Russian businessmen make huge investments in Armenia.