Action Plan Developed For Improvement Of Business Environment


Noyan Tapan
Jan 24, 2008

YEREVAN, JANUARY 24, NOYAN TAPAN. During a recent consultation
conducted by the RA prime minister Serge Sargsian, instructions were
given to work out a working program on identification of obstacles to
business in tax, customs, property registration, municipal services
and other sectors, the RA minister of trade and economic development
Nerses Yeritsian announced at the January 23 press conference.

According to him, the prime minister has proposed that "Doing
Business" International Group should decide what actions shall
be taken in Armenia for improvement of the country’s business
environment. Proposals for actions to be taken in the short and medium
term (by sectors) have been made. N. Yeritsian said that an action
plan will be published soon.

To recap, by Doing Business 2008 Report of the World Bank and the
International Finance Corporation, Armenia ranked 39th, according to
the 2007 report, Armenia ranked 34th, according to the 2006 report,
the country ranked 46th.

By the 2008 Index of Economic Freedom published by the Heritage
Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, Armenia ranked 28th among
162 countries (41st in 2005, 27th in 2006, and 32nd in 2007).

By the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index published by the World
Economic Forum, Armenia ranked 74th among 124 countries. Armenia was
for the first time included in the list of countries assessed.

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