BAKU: Merzlyakov: Azerbaijan, Armenia interpret issues as they wish

Today, Azerbaijan
Jan 18 2008

Yuri Merzlyakov: "Azerbaijan and Armenia interpret issues, which they
consider important in the basic principles of the conflict
settlement, as they wish"

18 January 2008 [18:39] – Today.Az

It is obvious that Azerbaijan and Armenia have thoroughly studied the
document, presented to them in Madrid, and the co-chairmen of the
OSCE Minsk Group will work out the next working version of the basic
principles of settlement on basis of ideas received from both sides.

The due statement was made by Russian co-chairman Yuri Merzlyakov,
during a press conference on results of the visit of the co-chairmen
to the region, held in Baku.

He voiced hope that the year of 2008 will be marked with a
breakthrough in the settlement of Nagorno-Garabagh conflict.

"The visit aimed to learn the reaction of both sides on the document
on basic principles of the conflict settlement, proposed in Madrid.
And we have received this reaction. The final agreement has not been
reached, but we can feel the mutual understanding of the sides on the
remaining unsettled issues and we can not fix it in the document", he

At the same time, Merzlyakov noted that each side interprets the
issues, which they consider important in the basic principles, as
they wish and this causes discrepancies in the announcements of the
two sides.

"Such discrepancies in interpretations must not exist when the basic
principles are coordinated", Merzlyakov announced.


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