Hovhannesian: We Have Will And Determination To Lead Our Nation’s Ma


11.01.2008 13:01

Yerevan (Yerkir) – ARF presidential candidate Vahan Hovhannesian made
his election program public.

Below is the text of the program’s introduction.

Dear citizen of the Republic of Armenia,

Our country has to enter an entirely new stage of its development. The
government, political, economic and public realities that were formed
since independence and until now do not ensure necessary progress any
more. The external and internal challenges that our state faces, the
challenges that are dictated by the necessity for development as well
as the disaccord between the Constitution and the real life require
serious and large-scale system changes. We have to create prerequisites
for a strong and stable development. We have to give a new and a fresh
breath to all the sectors of life. An Armenian should fully trust
his and his family’s future, has to participate in shaping that future.

By nominating my candidacy, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation is
participating in the presidential race driven by this determination.

We are organized, we have a will and determination to lead our people’s
historic march towards New Armenia, towards a free and fair society. We
believe in the creative potential of a fair country and free citizen.

The wrongful understanding of liberal ideas and their extreme
implementation, the ignoring of a social state, the diminution of the
state’s role in regulating free market have resulted in the current
economic system where the state is ruled though economic groups. They
have monopolized the most lucrative sectors of the economy, have
established an economic system wish lacks competition and serves only
their own interests.

The monopolies have ceased to be only an economic phenomenon. They
have decisive influence on all the fields of the society from state
and constitutional system to the values of the society. Spending
vast funds and using the huge administrative resources, this group
is periodically reproducing itself, halting the development of the
political system. Groups of wealthy people who have political power
often put themselves above the law and ignore the state order of the
country, violate human rights and freedoms, halt the establishment
of democratic traditions and culture and during elections, and by
exercising pressure and buying votes they direct the financially
dependant voters.

Uninterested in implementation of effective business methods, by
making the economic activities come out of control, they are brining
the social gap to threatening size, excluding any possibility of
reaching a social solidarity.

They are making the social life stagnate and stop the country’s

I will exclude hate and enmity in the internal life of Armenia. My
principle is not to confront others but prove that we are more
sustainable and fair.

My view is directed towards the future.

My goal is to build a Fair country of Free citizens through system
changes and the help of healthy forces. Armenia’s independence and
sovereignty are absolute values for me. Only by bringing our efforts
together we can have a homeland for us and for our children that our
ancestors dreamed of.

I have the determination to reach that goal. I need your votes
and trust.

Sincerely, Your old friend Vahan Hovhannesian
From: Baghdasarian

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