Dynamic in appearance without qualitative change

Lragir, Armenia
Dec 28 2007


It is customary to sum up the passing year at the end of every year.
In this sense, the year 2007 was full, and there seems to be a lot to
sum up. In 2007 the army became 15, the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline was
opened which is considered as a guarantee of energy security of
Armenia, Armenia held a parliamentary election, a new coalition and
government was shaped, the presidential election process set out, the
first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan returned to politics,
unexpectedly for many people. There were also tragic events in the
political life. The prime minister of Armenia and the leader of the
Republican Party Andranik Margaryan passed away.

These are the main events, there were also minor and medium events,
yet thought as great by many people. For instance, the Armenian
wrestlers participated in the world championship of wrestling in Baku
and earned one bronze and waved the Armenian flag in Baku, which was
an ultimate goal for many Armenians, although many think our
wrestlers failed. The match between Kramnik and Aronyan was held, a
friendly one, yet electoral as many think, held on the eve of the
parliamentary election to advertize Serge Sargsyan who led the
Republican ticket. Another major sports event or rather a
civilization event was the judo tournament in Armenia, which was
organized by Gagik Tsarukyan, and was held at the National Opera.

The sale of VivaCell to the Russian MTS company was considered as a
major economic event. The start of operation of the mines in Teghut
was described as a major economic event and an environmental disaster
at the same time, for several thousand hectares of forests will be
logged, the riverbeds will be changed and many species of animals and
plants will become extinct. Instead, the prime minister said, the
problem of unemployment in the region will be solved. A number of
jobs were created in construction in the streets of Yerevan, which
was highly stressful for the people of Yerevan because of impassable
streets and endless traffic jams. Northern Avenue was opened, which
is considered as the major urban project. But only the facade of the
avenue was opened, and construction inside the buildings is not over

Perhaps this is symbolic, and describes the year and the state of
Armenia in general. The appearance of life changes dynamically,
whereas there is no change in deep, no change in quality, social
relations, political processes, fair economic opportunities. In
addition, the year 2007 was marked with hidden greed of the oligarchs
who gave out charity with one hand, and raised the prices with
another hand, false generosity of the government which said to raise
pensions and salaries but first raised the prices, unpunished
speculations on the financial and consumer markets, when importers
raised prices, and instead of protecting the citizens the government
justified importers, explaining inflation by tendencies on the
international market.

Summing up the year 2007, we may say that the biggest achievement of
the year was elephant Masha who will put an end to the solitude of
the elephant Grant.


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