Vazgen Manukyan will have an intolerable future


[04:31 pm] 27 December, 2007

more images `My political future will be intolerable
after the elections’, said Chairman of the `National
Democratic Union’ Vazgen Manukyan. He is convinced
that after the elections he will continue his career
as the RA President, whose commitments and amount of
work will be great. `What if you are not elected? What
career perspectives do you have?’ Manukyan did not
respond to these questions.

Vazgen Manukyan’s confidence is agreed with the fact
that he has always won. He won even when he was the
Minister of Defense. As to the consideration that
Vazgen Manukyan did not win during 1998 and 2003
elections, the Chairman of the `National Democratic
Union’ agreed partly: `In 2003 the feeling to revenge
was great and that wave brought new heroes’. Vazgen
Manukyan ensured that in 1998 Karen Demirchyan would
win in the first stage, or he and Karen Demirchyan
would compete in the second stage, but not Robert
Kocharyan. According to him all powerful structures,
Vano Shiradeghyan, Vazgen Sargsyan, the `All Armenian
Movement’ party supported Robert Kocharyan and all
administrative resources fought against Vazgen
Manukyan in order not to promote the continuation of

My and the nation’s motives coincide, our motive is to
establish a modern national state. Four powers support
Vazgen Manukyan: `I am proud that these parties
support me, of course, I would like other parties also
to support me as well’, said Vazgen Manukyan. Among
Manukyan’s supporters are the `National Democratic
Alliance’ party headed by Ashak Sadoyan, the `National
Democratic Party’ headed by Shavarsh Kocharyan, the
`National State’ party headed by Samvel Shahinyan and
Hrant Khachatryan’s `Constitutional Rights Union’.

Although Vazgen Manukyan is convinced that he will be
elected, he is confirmed that the elections will not
be conducted without frauds. `No free and fair
elections have been conducted in Armenia’. The
opposition will win only `if a united power is set up,
which in 1996 de facto defeated authorities’. Vazgen
Manukyan also underlined that the powers should unite
not only for victory, for coming to power, but for the
state they wanted to establish after the elections. To
the question who the five parties would support if
Manukyan was not elected, the latter insisted that he
would definitely win and did not want to think of
anything else.

Vazgen Manukyan prioritizes sociological surveys, but
he believes in the surveys carried out by his party on
the phone, which showed the true image both in 1996
and in 2003. Manukyan also noted that crowded
gatherings did not speak of a leader’s rating, since
people came for interest. He reminded 2000-2001 Arkadi
Vardanyan’s movement.

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