NKR: The Main Is Distinctive Economic Orientirs


Azat Artsakh Tert
Dec 20 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Republic

In soviet times the v. of Sos had good achievements. There are 240
families (1024 dwellers) in the village.The head of the community tells
that the main is the distinctive economic direction. The villagers are
engaged in the grape cultivation, but it’s not all, the dwellers are
engaged also in crop cultures cultivation, which as it’s everywhere
there is extremaly low level of harvest and cattle-breeding. The lack
of agrotechnics and the quality of chemicals.What concerns to the
realization of the grapes, there are not serious problems.Nevertheless,
in comparison with the last year, the sowing lands did not shorten.The
people must take care even of the bread .

The problem of water is actual. The house problem is actual too
because there are 2-3 families living under one roof..The leisure of
the youth is absent, there are no conditions for it.

But there are the questions which are being solved today: the
gasification, the construction of the roads, the memorial. What is
necessary for development of the village? First of all the villager
needs the credit with low percents. The situation shows that the
credits are simply inreachable not only because of the pledge, but
also of the bureaucratcy. The solution of the question will help the
youth not to leave the village . It’s necessary only to create minimal
conditions and instead of the begging, the villager can settle his
problems nimself.

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