NKR: Crossroad Of The Opinions Prospects For Unification Of The Land


Azat Artsakh Tert
Dec 20 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Republic

The prospects for unification of sowing lots, the discussion around
which became actual lately, is in the centre of attention.

Being in the province of Martouni, we talked on the question with
new head of administration V. Khachatryan.He agrees with our opinion
but it must be on definite conditions. From this point of view,
we have two experiences. First is in the company of "Academy",
whose keyed principle was the unification of the lands in conditions
of the absence of centralized technics,the second is in the company
"Agroservice of Martakert", the opposite process was here: centralized
technics without unification of the lands. Our interlocutor marked with
surprise that combinig these two principles we can reach the desirable
results.Maximal efficiency is impossible without unif. of the lands.The
collection of sowing areas will increase, the seeds circulation will
be possible, which is not fulfilable in in conditions of little lots.

Nevertheless, it must be on the principle of willingness. So the
approaching of lot-owners will be decisive.

We tried to find the answer of the question in the v. of Sos, where
two forms of property coexist.

We nad a talk with the head of the community Kagramanyan who said that
83 individual owners of the lands.Cerainly, we carry out explanatory
work concering to the unification of sowing lands.Some enjoy , the
others mistrust the proposal.Our first interlocutor was always on
important posts in soviet times and prefered not to be the member
of collective company, and though he is 70 years old, he does not
imagine his days without own lands and the labour. The results are
obvious.This year we realized the grapes for 12 mln of drams. We have
new grape trees and we hope to multiply them next year,- he said
it with pride. Speaking about the wheat, he said that the unif. of
the lands are necessary, in this case, I will have much time for
cultivation of grape.He also said that many of the villagers perhaps
work much than me, but it’s unknown why their profit is less. We
talked about it in detail with the member of the CJSC in the name
of S. Gasparyan Edward Mousayelyan. He agreed that collective land
cultivation is really easier and effective and at first less people
wanted to leave the company, but now these occasions are not rare.He
says that if the control will be strong, distribution of the results
is transparent, I think such initiative will be a success.

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