Geghamyan Warns Against The First President


Dec 13 2007

The leader of the National Solidarity Party Artashes Geghamyan held a
news conference on December 13 to sum up the year. However, the summary
took only a few minutes, and for the rest of the news conference
Geghamyan criticized Levon Ter-Petrosyan. Levon Ter-Petrosyan was
accused of planning civil clashes. "The former government is up
for that. They realize that they have no chance to get at least 5-6
percent, therefore they are going to instigate civil clashes. We have
learned that they are going to provoke certain people to provoke
public disorder in at least 400 or 500 polling stations to have
certain international organizations intervene. In January, mind my
words, a flow of compromising materials will appear in either local
or foreign media, against both the opposition and the government. In
addition, they are going to publish things which will petrify people,"
Artashes Geghamyan says.

In answer to the question whether he has reliable information
to support his forecast, Artashes Geghamyan says it is enough to
read attentively Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s speeches and the media which
support him. What is the government going to do? The reporters asked
Geghamyan since he is so informed. The government will react to
violence with violence. Their goal, according to Artashes Geghamyan,
is to maintain national solidarity, which is going to be his slogan in
the presidential election. Geghamyan thinks his purpose is to protect
people from civil clashes, therefore they will call people not to
take part in rallies because they may be provoked, even provocative
murders are possible.

"A third force should come to power. Neither the former government,
nor the present government can bring peace to the society of the
Republic of Armenia. They cannot consolidate the nation.

Unfortunately, this process became deeper in the past one or two
months when the ex-president stepped on the stage, and seems to
be poisoning all the other presidential candidates intentionally,"
Artashes Geghamyan says.