Candidate Who Has Not Been Acquitted


Dec 13 2007

If the ARF Dashnaktsutyun candidate has not been acquitted of charges
brought against him by the previous government, how will the president
who has not been acquitted of charges represent the country to the
world, the reporters asked Vahan Hovanisyan, the ARF Dashnaktsutyun
candidate, on December 13 at the National Press Club.

He said he does not know and he does not care whether he has acquitted
or not. Vahan Hovanisyan said if it interests anyone, they can go
to the office of prosecutor general and inquire, he has no wish
to inquire.

Vahan Hovanisyan said he has been deputy speaker of the National
Assembly and represented the country with different parliamentary
delegations, to different parliamentary organizations, and he says
even his Turkish and Azerbaijan colleagues did not worry about the
charges like the Armenian media do.

When the reporters asked what if one day Vahan Hovanisyan is reminded
of the charges for political reasons, the presidential candidate said:
"If they remind, I will remember."