ANKARA: Turkey According To The UNDP Report


Bia Mag, Turkey
Nov 29 2007

Turkey has been ranked 17th largest economy in the world, but needs
to work on gender inequality, education and other issues.

The United Nations’ Development Programme (UNDP) has announced its
2007-2008 Human Development Report.

Economically high-ranking, but…

According to its foreign trade volume of 250 billion dollars and its
Gross Domestic Product, Turkey is the 17th-largest economy in the
world. However, in terms of "human development", Turkey ranks 84th
among 177 countries.

This contradiction shows that Turkey has a long way to go, although
it has jumped from 92th place to 84th in one year.

However, it ranks, for instance, behind its neighbour Armenia, which
is struggling with poverty. Countries such as new EU member Poland
(37), neighbouring Greece (24), Argentina (38) and Kazakhstan (73)
are all ahead of Turkey.

The low ranking is partly due to the low rates of literacy and
education in Turkey.

Ranking low in gender equality

Mahmud Ayub, the UNDP Turkey representative, says that gender
inequality is one issue which pulls Turkey down. "If we looked only
at gender inequality, Turkey would rank 111th. It is very important
that women are empowered in Turkey."

But gradual improvement

The Human Development Index considers issues such as life expectancy,
education and real income. According to the report, Turkey has shown
development in all areas since 1990. For instance, average life
expectancy has increased by seven years in this time, and GDP per
capita has increased by more than a third.

Turkey’s life expectancy in 2005 was 71.4. The literacy rate for
over-15-year olds is 87.4 percent. The Gross National Product per
capita was calculated as 8,407 dollars. (NZ/AG)

* This article is based on an article in the "Radikal" newspaper on
28 November.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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