Javakheti Armenians Are Dissatisfied But Do Not Protest


Lragir, Armenia
Nov 13 2007

People went on protest against the government on November 2 all
over Georgia except the regions of Akhalkalaki, Ninotsminda and
Tsalka which have an Armenian population, A-Info reports. In this
connection, the representative of the Armenian NGOs of Javakheti
says: "The regions of Georgia populated by Armenians did not go on
protest against government but it does not mean that the Armenians
are satisfied with the government of Saakashvili. On the contrary, the
Armenians of Javakheti are dissatisfied with the government, however,
the opposition does not guarantee the solution of the national problems
of the Armenians of the region either."

According to the spokesman of the NGOs, they had initiated a meeting
to raise the issues of the status of the Armenian language, the
establishment of a Georgian-Armenian university. Later, however,
the meeting was cancelled not to have the meeting related to the
actions of the opposition.

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