Does He Welcome Territorial Integrity Of Azerbaijan?


[04:44 pm] 08 November, 2007

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Petras Vaitiekunas is in
Armenia with an official visit. Today the RA Minister of Foreign
Affairs Vardan Oskanyan and Petras Vaitiekunas reflected on 1991
when Baltian Countries welcomed and supported the pan-national
movement in Armenia. "Lithuania supported Armenia who was going
by the path of independence and the country still supports Armenia
in the international structures, including the EU and NATO", said
Vardan Oskanyan. Before the meeting with journalists the parties had
discussed issues referring to the European integration to reinforce
Armenian-Lithuanian relations.

According to the agreements between Lithuania and Azerbaijan, which
regards Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Lithuania recognizes territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan. When the Armenian journalists reminded
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania about these agreements,
which contradict the principle of nation’s self-determination,
Petras Vaitiekunas said: "Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, just like any
other regional conflict should be settled in a peacefully based on
the mutual agreements between parties".

He considers that the experience of three Baltic countries may be
useful for the Southern Caucasus countries, and for the settlement of
Nagorno-Karabakh problem. They established 3+3 format for implementing
the mentioned experience in the Southern Caucasus to promote the
collaboration between Caucasus and the three Baltic republics. Vardan
Oskanyan informed today that they had hold meeting with the mentioned
format during various international meetings. "Those meetings,
particularly 3+3 format may be useful for the integration process in
the region".

Prime Minister of Lithuania will visit the RA in 2008 within the
frameworks of Armenia-Lithuania cooperation. Although the visit of
Petras Vaitiekunas is not regional, he is going to visit Tbilisi after
the incidents in Georgia. "The EU is concerned with the situation
in Georgia. By my visit to Georgia the European Union and Lithuania
want to tell the nation of Georgia that they are not alone and that
Georgia’s profession of the European values is of great significance
for the EU. The visit to Georgia will promote Georgia’s European
path. This path is very important for the EU and should be deprived
of violence", announced Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
Petras Vaitiekunas.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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