Sociological Mess Perpetuates: Now The British Have Come

08-11-2007 13:05:24

There is a British polling agency which is called ComRes. It is said
to be so influential, that even the international authoritative media
turn to this agency for polls, such as BBC. Even the director of the
agency Andrew Hawkins stated November 7 in Yerevan that they are an
authoritative organization and they are responsible for the results
of their polls. The reason why he arrived in Armenia was to present
the results of the poll they conducted in Armenia as the presidential
election is drawing nearer. The poll was conducted from October 25
to 31, the respondents were 2000 voters of different social classes,
age, sex and work. Inaccuracy is 2.2 percent.

The results of the poll suggest that Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan
is ahead of all. For instance, the respondents were asked who
can best solve the internal and external problems. According to
ComRes, 28 percent of voters think Serge Sargsyan can solve them
best. 20 mentioned Arthur Baghdasaryan, 19 percent mentioned Raffi
Hovannisian. Levon Ter-Petrosyan ranks 8 with 6 percent. Geghamyan,
Vazgen Manukyan and Tigran Karapetyan are ahead of him.

The two candidates of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun come last.

Among the fortifiers of the economy, Serge Sargsyan is again the
first with 33 percent. Raffi Hovannisian is already the second
with 22 percent. 21 percent mentioned Arthur Baghdasaryan. He is
followed by Geghamyan, Vazgen Manukyan, the two candidates of the
ARF Dashnaktsutyun and Levon Ter-Petrosyan with 7 percent. Tigran
Karapetyan is the last with 7 percent.

Serge Sargsyan leads the list of the resolvers of the Karabakh issue
with 45 percent. Raffi Hovannisian comes next with 11 percent, Arthur
Baghdasaryan has 9 percent, Geghamyan has 8 percent, Vahan Hovanisyan
has 6 percent, Vazgen Manukyan has 6 percent, Levon Ter-Petrosyan
has 5 percent, Armen Rustamyan has 3 percent, Tigran Karapetyan has
2 percent.

The next issue which ensured the first place for Serge Sargsyan
as suggested by the results of the poll is the recognition of the
Genocide. According to ComRes, 34 percent think Serge Sargsyan can
solve this problem. 20 percent trusts Raffi Hovannisian, 9 percent
Arthur Baghdasaryan, 8 percent Geghamyan, 7 percent Vahan Hovanisyan,
6 percent Vazgen Manukyan, 5 percent Armen Rustamyan, 5 percent Levon
Ter-Petrosyan, and 3 percent Tigran Karapetyan.

ComRes asked the respondent which candidate can best solve the problem
of the danger of war. It turned out that Serge Sargsyan can. 40
percent think so. Raffi Hovannisian ranks 2 with 11 percent, Arthur
Baghdasaryan is the next with 9 percent, Geghamyan has 8 percent,
Vazgen Manukyan has 7 percent, Vahan Hovanisyan has 5 percent, Levon
Ter-Petrosyan has 5 percent, Armen Rustamyan has 3 percent, Tigran
Karapetyan has 2 percent. The picture is the same with regard to
the security of Armenia. The only point is anti-corruption efforts
when Serge Sargsyan is not a leader. Serge Sargsyan and Arthur
Baghdasaryan are given 20 percent. Raffi Hovannisian is the second
with 17 percent. He is followed by Geghamyan, Vazgen Manukyan, Vahan
Hovanisyan, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Tigran Karapetyan and Armen Rustamyan.

As to the question who you would vote for if the voting were this
Sunday, 38 percent said they would vote for Serge Sargsyan, 13
percent would vote for Raffi Hovannisian, 12 percent would vote Arthur
Baghdasaryan. Geghamyan is given 8 percent, Levon Ter-Petrosyan is
given 6 percent. Vazgen Manukyan is given 5 percent, Gagik Tsarukyan
is given 4 percent, Tigran Karapetyan and Vahan Hovanisyan are given
4 percent each, and Aram Karapetyan, Stepan Demirchyan and Armen
Rustamyan have 1 percent each.

The director of ComRes Andrew Hawkins says they have conducted similar
polls in the U.K. and France at different times but there were not
so many candidates, and no candidate had such advantage as Serge
Sargsyan. Hawkins also said who had ordered the poll – PR Association
and the CS Media Company owned by Cafesjian and the owner of Armenia
TV the Sargsyan family.

They collaborated with the Armenian Sociological Association the head
of which is Gevorg Poghosyan. Gevorg Poghosyan had earlier conducted a
poll with the Gallup Institute, and the results of his poll suggested
that Serge Sargsyan ranks four among other likely candidates, after
Raffi Hovannisian, Gagik Tsarukyan and Vardan Oskanyan.

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