Oskanyan’s Middle Finger And The Foreign Policy


08-11-2007 15:04:31

Every year the heads of the foreign diplomatic representations of
Armenia gather in Armenia for a conference and usually they also
visit Karabakh.

This year the participants of the conference visited Gandzasar
Monastery in Karabakh and were hosted by Pastor Hovanes. During
the dinner Reverend Hovanes made a toast. He drank to the soldiers
who are at the front line defending the border and compared them to
diplomats. He said a soldier cannot retreat, neither can the diplomats,
they cannot retreat. We have learned from our source from the foreign
ministry of Armenia that during the dinner a bumblebee stung the
middle finger of the foreign minister Vardan Oskanyan. Meanwhile,
sticking this finger up is a gesture the meaning of which is known to
everyone. It inspired the guests of the event to wish the Armenian
foreign policy to be like the meaning of this gesture. They say the
guests of the event advised our foreign minister to put his finger in
yogurt to relieve the pain. Our source says Vardan Oskanyan followed
the advice on all the way to Yerevan.

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