150-Km Borderline of Armenian-Georgian Border Delimited


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 2, NOYAN TAPAN. Thanks to the work of the respective
commissions on delimitation of the state border between Armenia and
Georgia, the sides have come to an agreement on a 150-km borderline.
The work of agreeing on the remaining 5 border sections of the total
length of about 75 km is underway, NT was informed by the press service
of the RA State Customs Committee (SCC).

According to the head of the SCC department on fight against smuggling
Robert Yeritsian, the above mentioned 75-km section of the border is
still open which requires strict control in order to prevent and reveal
customs violations. This section includes some roads bypassing the
Bavra customs point, which represent the main routes of smuggling
goods. Customs violation statistics show that cars, foodstuffs and
medicines are the commodities, which are most frequently smuggled by
the roads bypassing the Bavra customs point. In particular, an attempt
to smuggle more than 3,000 boxes of 90 various medicines into Armenia
was recently prevented in the region.

R. Yeritsian said that there have also been attempts to smuggle
medicines and drugs (by hiding them in trucks) from Iran through the
Meghri customs point. With the aim of fighting such violations, a ray
equipment capable of examining a big truck loaded with goods of up to
40 tons has been installed at the Meghri customs point.

In the first ten months of this year, 161 cutoms violations have been
registered against 146 violations in the same period of 2006. Among
smuggled goods were mainly foodstuffs, appliances, cars and mobile

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